20th August 2021
What is the Difference Between Concrete Barriers and Wire Rope Safety Barriers?

While driving, you would have noticed some kind of protective road barriers; they are used to secure your vehicle from going off the side of the road. They are an essential type of safety measures put by the department of transportation to protect drivers and passengers from any kind of serious injury.

Protective road barriers are of different types, but the two most important ones are concrete walls and wire rope safety barriers. The choice of barriers depends upon the location, so consulting experienced civil contractor companies is essential to know which barriers are needed in some areas.

What are concrete barriers?

These barriers are made of concrete, so they have powerful protective armour on the roadsides. They can also be built for the protection of some recreation places, schools and commercial places. We know concrete barriers are firm and fully interlocked; that's how they create boundaries that cannot be penetrated. Every barrier is designed to reduce incidental damage, even though it can be costly. However, as these barriers are not flexible, it's hard for them to absorb the impact force of any colliding vehicle.

Advantages of concrete barriers

These barriers can last longer. As they are made up of concrete, they can survive extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall, snowfall and wind. Motorcyclists prefer them because of the smooth side they provide. Their impact can be higher in road safety because of their durability. These barriers can be suitable for heavy vehicles and are strong enough to sustain trucks and buses.

What are wire rope safety barriers?

These wire rope barriers are flexible barriers. They can have three to four wire ropes which are connected by poles. They absorb and diffuse the impact force and prevent vehicles from going into the danger zone. These barriers are versatile, cost-effective and easy to use. The only important thing to consider while having these barriers is hiring civil contractor companies with experience and expertise to provide excellent wire rope safety barriers. The only disturbance while installing these cable barriers is the location of the highway and the amount of space available for these barriers. Also, these barriers can be dangerous if not highly tensioned and retention of wire can be expensive and time-consuming. 

Advantages of wire rope barriers

These barriers are getting popular day by day because of several advantages over concrete barriers. They are easy to install and their installation time is comparatively lesser than other barriers. They are very cost-effective; they reduce the impact force at the time of the accident, saving life and transportation vehicles. Their ability to absorb impact force is what makes them the safest option in road safety services.

The safety barriers are the essence of road safety. It doesn't matter which one is being used; the important thing is hiring civil contractors in Sydney known for delivering quality work. ABI CIVIL has been known as an approved median crash barrier provider for the prevention of accidents. It is one of the leading construction companies to provide a variety of services in road safety and construction. Contact us today to find out more.